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Troy Barrett, The Lord and Barrett Sausage Co.

A guy at work challenged me, he said since you think you can cook so good make sausage out of this deer leg. I said sure I can (I had never made sausage before) and took the challenge.

Since making my first batch of sausage I’ve gained a great following of customers. My companies name came about because I didn’t have a partner and I didn’t have any family history on making sausage God gave me the gift of making sausage and cooking so I had to make him my partner.

I make a variety of sausage products. Chicken sausage, Beef sausage,  Shrimp sausage,  Crawfish sausage Pork sausage all of which can be made in Hot, Spicy or Mild. Also BOUDIN, breakfast pan sausage and my Signature Creole Cornbread.